1. Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog – Part 3

    In our previous few blogs, we’ve covered some of the most toxic foods to dogs. Some will just irritate your pup's stomach, but others can leave them with kidney diseases, digestive disorders, and possibly even death. Today, we are covering more of the top foods you should never feed to your dog in order to keep them safe. Should your dog accidentally consume one of the items on this list, please…Read More

  2. Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog – Part 2

    In one of our previous posts, we mentioned some of the top foods that your dog should never eat: xylitol, avocado, alcohol, onions and garlic, and caffeine. If your dog has consumed any of these, please call us immediately for assistance! Unfortunately, that isn’t the full list of foods that can harm your dog and lead to medical problems almost immediately. Read on to learn more about what foods…Read More

  3. Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Kids a Pet

    Thinking about getting a pet for your kids? Read this first. Nothing is more adorable than a kitten or a puppy. They’re cute, playful, and easy to love. Therefore, it often seems like the perfect idea to gift kittens, bunnies, and puppies to our children. However, people tend to forget that with pets come enormous responsibility. Oftentimes, these innocent pets are taken back to the shelter or a…Read More

  4. How to Avoid Dog Accidents in the House

    It’s one thing when you first bring home a puppy and he starts leaving behind little puddles during the day while you’re gone, but it’s another thing entirely when a full grown dog has started leaving messes when they didn’t before. If you are worried about your dog and their health, especially when it comes to making messes inside when they weren’t before, it’s time to read on and lea…Read More

  5. Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog – Part 1

    Your dog probably has a tendency of eating just about everything that tumbles off your dinner table and onto the floor. While this might seem harmless, there are actually quite a few human foods out there that are dangerous for dogs to eat! If you need dog care immediately, in the case of them eating something that they should not have, then bring them to see the professionals at West Ballantyne A…Read More

  6. Choosing the Right Cat Litter

    You’ve gone to the shelter and you’ve chosen the perfect cat for you - congratulations! Before you bring your new cat home, you need to make sure you have all the essentials. This includes food, toys, a scratching post, a litter box, and cat litter. However, once you walk into the pet store and make your way over to the litter section, you might realize that there are many more options than yo…Read More

  7. What Your Cat’s Body Language is Telling You

    We at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital know that understanding cats may be difficult, even to cat owners. For example, one moment, your cat may be peacefully sleeping on your lap, but they may suddenly pop up and sprint towards the window to watch a bird outside. However, we know that understanding your cat’s behavior is actually as simple as watching their body language and knowing what it means…Read More

  8. Spay/Neuter Your Pets

    As sad as it is to admit, in every community in the country, there are homeless pets. In fact, the Humane Society estimates that there are 6 to 8 million homeless animals that enter shelters every year, and barely half of these animals find forever homes to take them in. The ones who don’t get homes are often euthanized simply because the shelters do not have the resources to continue to care f…Read More

  9. Help! My Cat Claws my Furniture!

    Hello there, and welcome back to West Ballantyne Animal Hospital’s blog! Today we would like to discuss your cat’s scratching behavior and why they might be doing it. When it comes to stopping your cat from bad behavior, it’s important to remember that knowledge is power. The more you know about cats and their actions, the more likely it is that you will be able to change their behavior. Why…Read More

  10. Common Household Plants that Can Harm Your Pets

    We hear all the time about the wonderful effect that houseplants can have on our energy and mood. While this is great news, it’s also important to note that over 700 different plans have toxins that are poisonous to cats and dogs. Some plants will only cause an upset stomach, but others can be fatal if your furry friend gets ahold of them. If your pet has ingested one of the following plants, be…Read More