We all love making bonds with our pets, and that’s one reason why we started up West Ballantyne Animal Hospital in the first place — pets move us, add companionship to our lives, and help us to feel happy in times of sadness. While some people know early on whether they want to have pets or not, there are also plenty of folks who feel inspired to get a dog or cat after being inspired by movies and TVs.

As veterinarians who are crazy about animals, we have been inspired and touched by many pet movies. Want to watch something that will help you to appreciate your animal companion? Consider these pet movies, ranging from downright silly to veritable tear jerkers.

Homeward Bound – 1993

While many young adults and teenagers today may have missed this film, this 1993 classic is a must-watch for any pet owner who has formed a bond with a dog or cat. This movie is about two dogs and a kitty who embark on an incredible journey home after being accidentally abandoned by their owners. On their way, they encounter a slew of wild animals, cross mountain rivers, and have all kinds of adventure on your way home. Wouldn’t you like to think that your dog or cat would do the same for you?

Marley & Me – 2008

Many people who walked into this movie expecting a quirky comedy about a mischievous dog were woefully surprised when they ended up being inconsolably tearful by the movie’s end. This film focuses on the life of a troublesome dog, from puppy to old age. Putting heavy emphasis on the relationship between the pet and owners, this is a film that will pull at your heartstrings and make you want to cuddle closer with your canine friend.

The Secret Life of Pets – 2016

The most recent movie on our list, The Secret Life of Pets is a silly, comedic animated movie that’s exactly what it sounds like — the secret lives your pets live when you’re not around. Many owners ask themselves what the heck their cats and dogs do when you’re not at home, and this movie takes that concept and runs with it, putting an ensemble cast of silly pets on an adventure that is funny, entertaining, and fun for all ages.

Ratatouille – 2007

While we mainly focus on feline and canine care here at our West Charlotte veterinary clinic, we love animals of all kinds, and we have to give credit to Ratatouille for creating a soft spot in millions of people’s hearts towards rats, which are often stereotyped as being icky and unpleasant. Ratatouille focuses on an ambitious rat who can outcook the best French chefs, and the bond he forms with a human through which he can channel his talent. Silly? Yes. Unrealistic? Definitely. But by the end of the movie, you’ll be touched, and you might just reconsider your feelings on rats, and rodents in general.

Preventative Care in West Charlotte

Movies and TV can do an amazing job at helping us to feel inspired by pets, and thus form a stronger bond with them. If you love your pet, one thing that you’ll want to make sure of is that they are happy and healthy, and that’s why we offer veterinary services to everyone in the West Charlotte area. We want your pet to be as healthy as can be, so stop by today for canine and feline preventative care, emergency vet services, vaccinations, and more. Contact us today!