Nobody wants to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian. We would much rather see your dog, cat, or small animal for preventative care or a regular dental appointment than for something traumatic. However, with a little bit of preparation at home, you can do a lot to prevent future problems for you and your pet. Here are a few tips from the Greater Charlotte area’s trusted animal hospital.

Electrical Cords

Is your dog a chewer? Give them a toy to keep their impulse occupied. Small rodents like rats and rabbits have a drive to constantly chew things to wear down their teeth. Be careful to protect your furniture, and also be conscious of any electrical cords that your pet might have access to.


Dogs are notorious for eating anything that even remotely resembles food, and that may include liquid and powder cleaning agents, paint, or other chemicals that you keep in the home. Make sure your pet is always kept away from any chance of getting into something that could be poisonous.

Crevices & Escape Routes

Make sure doors and windows are appropriately blocked to keep your pet from getting out of the house. Also be aware of any confined areas in which your animal could get stuck. Animals love to explore, and they may find themselves trapped in a crawlspace, behind a heavy appliance, or pinned against a piece of furniture.

Take some time today to make sure your home is pet-safe, and reduce the possibility of a stressful trip to the animal hospital in the future.