As in humans, sometimes surgery is needed to correct issues in our pets. The difference is, our animals can’t talk to their vet to help them understand the symptoms they’re experiencing. Instead, they rely on their owners to observe their behavior and warning signs. If you’ve noticed that one of your cat’s eyes is swollen, irritated, and weeping fluid, it would be a good idea to contact our Charlotte area animal hospital as soon as possible. Your cat may be experiencing pain and discomfort caused by ingrown eyelashes.

Eye Problems & Ingrown Lashes

While eyelashes are designed to protect the eye from debris and foreign objects, if they begin to curl inward it can lead to serious problems. The constant contact of the hairs against the eyeball triggers the body’s natural defenses, creating inflammation and production of pus and fluids in an attempt to flush the foreign object out. Unfortunately, when the foreign object is the cat’s own lashes, the problem never goes away.

Corrective Surgery

Our state of the art animal hospital and experienced veterinarian is equipped to handle both major and minor surgeries for your pets. In the case of ingrown lashes, the procedure is relatively simple. A small patch of eyelid skin is removed near the site of the ingrown lashes. Stitches are then used to join the two sides of this patch, making the eyelid tighter and pulling the problem lashes outward. Once the stitches heal the lashes grow outward, away from the eyeball. During recovery a cone may be worn to keep your cat from touching the site of operation, and ointment might need to be applied for a period of 4-6 weeks. Your vet will be able to give you a recovery prognosis that is specific to your cat’s situation.

If you think your cat might be dealing with ingrown eyelashes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlotte’s pet care pros at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital. The sooner you can bring him in, the quicker we can address his pain and get him on the road to recovery.