Congratulations on your new kitten! Kittens are extremely fun, but they do take a lot of hard work. Be sure you follow these steps to ensure you give your kitten the best start possible:

Take It to West Ballantyne Animal Hospital

Your kitten will likely need immediate veterinarian care just to ensure that it is healthy and happy. We can check for any birth defects, parasites, and feline leukemia. We can also give you some tips and tricks on general cat care. Here are some things to ask us about:

  • Recommended cat food brands and portion sizes
  • How to protect your kitten from parasites and disease
  • Symptoms of disease to watch for
  • How to introduce your kitten to other household pets
  • When to bring your kitten back for vaccinations and neutering/spaying

Prepare a Space

A new home and environment can be a lot for a little kitten to take in, so be sure to set up a “safe space” for the kitten. This should be a quiet room containing his litter box, toys, bedding, and food. Be sure to keep the food far away from the litter box, as cats typically don’t like them to be near one another.

Buy the Tools

Here are some essential items you will need to be fully prepared for your new fur baby:

  • Food specifically designed for kittens
  • A collar with an ID tag
  • Metal or ceramic food and water dishes
  • Litter and litter box
  • Warm cat bed
  • Cat carrier for vet trips
  • Kitten-safe toys (meaning no small pieces for them to choke on!)
  • Cat brush

Once you have all these items, you should be ready to be a new kitten parent! Congratulations! Remember, for the best cat care in Charlotte, be sure to come see the professionals at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital!