It’s one thing when you first bring home a puppy and he starts leaving behind little puddles during the day while you’re gone, but it’s another thing entirely when a full grown dog has started leaving messes when they didn’t before. If you are worried about your dog and their health, especially when it comes to making messes inside when they weren’t before, it’s time to read on and learn more from West Ballantyne Animal Hospital.

See the Veterinarian

If your dog has been previously house trained, then there should be very few instances when your dog makes a mess indoors. Before rushing right to a new potty training routine, we recommend bringing in your dog for a check-up. Sometimes, there can be a health reason that makes it painful or difficult for your dog to control their bladder. For example, they might have a urinary tract infection or be experiencing the beginning of canine cognitive dysfunction. After you have taken your dog in to see us at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital and they have been cleared of illness, you can begin to find the underlying cause behind their accidents.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs can actually become quite stressed when we leave them home, and they experience separation anxiety. This may mean that they have accidents inside your house. If a vet has diagnosed your dog with separation anxiety and says that it is the reason for the frequent accidents, you may need to find a behavioral specialist to help. If your dog learns to control their emotional state, then there should be fewer accidents.

Do Not Punish Them

Punishing your dog for accidents doesn’t work as well as many people may think. Instead of understanding that going to the bathroom inside the house is wrong, they start to learn that humans are scary and unpredictable. Your dog may become afraid to go to the bathroom in front of you, even when you go outside together. This may make indoor accidents more frequent, especially when you aren’t home.

Stopping the Accidents

Many dogs can smell the urine from where they have had accidents in the past, which leads them to believe that this is an acceptable space to do their business. Be sure to use enzymatic cleaners that have been designed to eliminate pet odors. Also, keep your dog off carpeted areas, as they are always less likely to go on a hard surface – and, even if they do, this mess will be easier to clean.

Contact West Ballantyne Animal Hospital for Dog Care

Whether your dog’s accidents are related to how long you are gone or if they are sick, we may have some solutions for you. Coming up with a solution to the mess might be as easy as hiring a dog walker to swing by during the day. Contact the veterinarians and dog care professionals at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital today. We know what it takes to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy. We also want you to have a clean home without any worries about messes! We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon.