Let’s be real: dogs are essentially furry children. They require your time, energy, attention, and care … dog care. While you can expend your resources on your dog, you do it with a good heart. Can anyone imagine life without their best four-legged friend? Having and caring for a dog is one of the simple joys of life. Even though you have to clean up after them and give them lots of attention, it’s worth the affection and love they offer right back.

From daily (or even more) walks to letting them outside to get their wiggles out to giving them cuddles, dogs thrive with human connection. But what happens when you get a full-time job? How do you thoroughly love and care for your furry friend when you work away from home for the entire day?

Today we’re going to be giving you some ideas about how you can ensure that your buddy is fully taken care while you’re in the office. It’s important to ensure that he or she doesn’t feel neglected as you work those long hours to provide them with their kibble. If you’re interested in learning more about dog care or need to schedule a vet appointment, contact West Ballantyne Animal Hospital today.

How To Prioritize Your Dog’s Care As A Full-Time Professional

While you may feel guilty leaving your furry buddy at home alone as you head out for work in the morning, but there are steps you can take to ensure that he or she feels as comfortable as possible when you’re away.

Create A Comfortable Space For Them

You might feel more comfortable putting your dog in a crate during the day, or you might have no problem letting them roam around the house alone. Either way, it’s important to create a little oasis for your buddy to hang out in during the day. If you have a crate dog, make sure there is water and food accessible, as well as a comfy cushion or blanket. If your dog can roam around the house, make sure they have an easy accessible area where they can hang out and lay down, like their bed with blankets.

Another good tip is to give them something that smells like you with them, either in their crate or their bed cushion. Even a T-shirt that you wear often will give them something familiar that smells like you. This is a good tip to take into account if you’ve recently purchased a puppy or if your dog is extra needy.

Let Them Out During Your Lunch Break

This may not be an option all of the time, but if you can take your lunch break at home, by all means, do it. Even just making an appearance halfway during the day can brighten your dog’s spirit. At lunchtime, let them outside to get their wiggles out, or take them for a short spin around the block if you have the time.

Make Your Time Together Count

After a long work day, it’s essential that you provide your dog with the attention they’ve missed out on during the day. Make the time to two of you spend together worth it. Whether it’s taking your dog on a walk, heading to the dog park, or even just hanging in your backyard together, chances are the best time of day for your dog is when you return. While you may be tired after a long workday, getting into the fresh air with your four-legged friend will brighten both of your moods. Then you can relax on the couch in front of the television together.

Hire A Dog Walker

Perhaps you have a job where you work super long, inconsistent hours and can’t commit to heading home for lunch. If this is the case, then it’s important to prioritize your pup by hiring someone to come over throughout the day for walks and pets. You can find a professional dog care or walker service, or you could even ask a stay-at-home neighbor to check in throughout the day, and to feed your pup on the evenings that you work late. Your dog has to stretch his or her legs just as much as the rest of us, if not more. As a dog owner, it’s your job to prioritize the health and well-being of your pup, and if that means hiring outside help, so be it. Your pup will be emotionally, mentally, and physically impacted in a negative way if they are neglected during the day, so hiring outside dog care may be the best choice for your lifestyle.

If you have any more questions about how to care for your dog sustainably as you maintain a full-time job, contact the veterinarians at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital. As a Top Rated Local® veterinarian, we are proud to serve the community with our quality service. We even offer emergency care service! Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s appointment.