We are still in the thick of the summer, which means that your dog is susceptible to fleas! These insects are very active and will feed onto anything they can. Unfortunately, they can hide easily in your pet’s fur and often leave your pet very irritated. What is the best way to check for fleas? West Ballantyne Animal Hospital has tips your dog’s care.

Know Your Pet’s Behavior

If your dog is suffering from a severe flea infestation, you’ll be able to see the insects jumping on and off your dog. However, if it has not yet reached that point, you might see your dog licking or biting himself more often that usual. Also, keep an eye out for consistent scratching of the ears, as this can also mean he is suffering from a flea infestation.

Testing the Fur and Skin

To be completely certain that your pet has fleas, get a flea comb and run it through the fur as closely to the skin as possible. Keep a bowl of soapy water nearby to throw any living fleas into that you may comb out. Also, check for “flea dirt,” which is excrement that looks like bits of black pepper.

Check Your House

Fleas won’t just stay on your pup! Your dog’s bedding or food area may have flea dirt or even the fleas themselves. Feel free to even try the “white sock” test: wear a pair of white socks around the house and see if you pick up any flea dirt from walking around.

Call the Vet

If you have found fleas, it’s time for some professional help. For Charlotte dog care you can trust, be sure to schedule an appointment at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital today!