Our dogs are incredibly important members of our family, and for those who don’t have children, pets can easily become furry babies. Just as you teach a growing baby how to walk and talk, we train our dogs to sit, shake, and go potty outside. From learning not to beg for food underneath the dining room table to knowing how to inform us when they need to relieve themselves, training and disciplining our dog(s) is vital for the health and well-being on both them and us. A trained pup makes for a happy family.

But what happens when your adult dog forgoes all of the training you’ve invested in them and starts going Number Two in the house? This, unfortunately, isn’t an uncommon problem to experience. Even after years of being potty trained, you may come home one day surprised by what your furry friend did in the house. Sure, an accident happens now and then, but what if the problem consists? You may be confused as to why your adult seems to be forgetting house rules. What does this mean and how do you fix it?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to uncover this mystery. If you have any further questions about general dog care or want to bring your dog into see a vet, schedule a visit at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital.

Why Your Dog Is Going Potty In Your House

When you first notice that your fuzzy buddy is choosing to relieve himself in your house, you may initially be frustrated with him or her. But chances are underneath the frustration is questions and maybe some concern. Why are they doing this? Is there a problem? Should I be worried? They are all normal questions to ask. There are a few reasons as to why this could be happening.

Stress And/Or A New Schedule

Has something in your lifestyle changed? Have you moved to a new house, or have you started a new job? If your pup’s schedule has changed in any way, shape, or form, they might be dealing with some stress as they get used to a new environment or a new schedule. If you used to be at home more and have recently started a new job where you’re going long hours during the day, your dog might be confused and stressed out. If you’ve moved to a new house, they are most likely getting used to the new environment

If your sweet friend is stressed out or isn’t used to their new schedule yet, they could be showing their stress in piles around your house. While this can be frustrating to deal with, the best way to solve the problem is to be consistent with a schedule. If your dog needs to stay in a kennel inside your house during your work hours, be consistent with putting them in their before you leave and letting them out right when you get home. This might be the best option temporarily as your dog adjusts — being in the case will prevent them from making a mess around the house. Dogs need a schedule, so with consistency and patience, they will become comfortable in their new environment before you know it.


As your dog has gotten older, have you noticed this problem increase? This is fairly normal.

Just Can’t Hold It In

As dogs get older, they often experience fecal incontinence. They might need to go to the bathroom more than usual, but they might not know how to hold it in anymore, as their muscles weaken.

Forgets What He Needs To Do

Another issue that aging dogs experience is called canine cognitive dysfunction, which is essential the dog version of Alzheimer’s disease. When you take your dog on a walk, he or she might forget what that they’re supposed to use the walk as an opportunity to relieve themselves. They might also forget the training that you instilled in them when they were younger, so they might just go right in the house instead of letting you know they need to go out. When you bring them in for dog care at the vet, ask about treatment options.

Medical Issues

If your dog consistently goes potty in the house, he or she might have a medical issue, especially so if they have diarrhea. The medical issues they could be experiencing are the following: parasites, food intolerance, a virus, inflammatory bowel disease, or cancer. If you are concerned and would like some more information, contact your vet immediately.

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