dreamstime_14384031The holidays can mean a hefty amount of temptation for your dog (and sometimes even for your cat). Between Halloween and New Year’s Day, there will be ample opportunities for holiday baking, pot-luck parties, and of course, the feasts that go along with Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your pet happens to get into something they shouldn’t this holiday season, call Ballantyne Animal Hospital for quick dog care. Read on, because awareness can help prevent Fido from getting into something he shouldn’t!

Holiday Cooking

We know it can be tempting, especially when your pup turns those big eyes your way, to slip nibbles as you cook. Be careful what you share because even rare meat or a bite of stuffing with onion in it could make your dog sick.

Preparing for Sneaks

Most dog owners are very conscientious about keeping harmful foods away from their pets. However, some dogs are excellent at sneak attacks – they raid the countertops silently and get away with the spoils before anyone can stop them.

This holiday season, practice a few extra safety measures to keep your pet out of dangerous foods and away from the animal hospital:

Stay Organized

First, be sure you put food away immediately – when you bring home all those sacks from the grocery store, store it away, even if it’s a non-perishable item. Storing everything appropriately will keep your dogs out of those important meal-prep supplies.

Get creative

Think out of the box for your food hiding places. Some bigger dogs can easily sneak foods from countertops and even climb up and get foods off the top of the fridge! If your dog is good at nosing, invest in baby-proofing cabinet door locks to keep fido out. If you need extra storage space, use the microwave and fridge (when they aren’t in use) for additional secure storage areas.

dreamstime_xl_12167245Build Barricades

Whether it’s a baby gate to keep your dog out of the kitchen and/or dining room or a wall of cans to keep the pies safe, a bit of creative wall-building can help protect your dogs from eating things they shouldn’t. As an added bonus, it can be a fun and creative way to keep your kids occupied while you cook.

Distract Them

Give your dog something to keep them entertained while you bustle around the kitchen. A large bone from the butchers offers alluring aromas and delicious taste. Peanut butter is another doggy favorite, but make them work for it. A nearly empty peanut butter jar or a fillable dog toy will keep your dog distracted longer.

This holiday season, take preventative measures to protect your dog from getting too excited and eating something they shouldn’t. No one wants to rush Fido to the animal hospital in between all the holiday events. Call Ballantyne Animal Hospital today for any dog care questions you have, and make an appointment for a puppy check-up today!