We are now officially open and everyone at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital has been so excited to meet everyone coming to visit us. We have met some wonderful patients and clients so far. As a reminder although we are closed this Friday for the holiday we will be open this Saturday July 5th for any after holiday help you may need!

The fourth of July is nearly here and there are firework displays in all the stores. Remember that many dogs are very scared and nervous of the sounds and crackles and pops of fireworks. Try to plan ahead this holiday! In addition to corn hole and hot dogs and corn on the cob don’t forget about preparing for anxious dogs and fireworks.

The first thing Dr. Linfante recommends is helping to disguise the noise. You may be able to muffle the sound by placing cotton balls in the ear canals. Louder music may disguise the bursting fireworks – especially music with a regular beat.

Make sure your pet has a safe haven. Whether your dog chooses the crate, basement, closet – anywhere that they feel comfortable is best. More blankets can make them feel comfortable and also can muffle the sounds. There are some pheromone sprays that can help ease pets also. Hiding isn’t always a bad thing – especially when they come out and return to normal shortly after the stimulus.

Occasionally we do need the help of medications for anxiety to help with the environmental changes. That should be discussed with Dr. Linfante on a specific case by case basis.

SO enjoy the holiday – remember we are closed this Friday July 4th, but we will be OPEN SATURDAY JULY 5, 2014! So give us a call if you need anything!