Construction of West Ballantyne Animal Hospital will shortly come to a close. The main construction is finished and we are putting the finishing touches on all the details.  The interior designers have helped coordinate the colors and textures to make this one amazing hospital and I can’t wait for everyone to see it! We will begin seeing patients on Thursday June 26, 2014.

Our next step is loading in our equipment and supplies and then staff training. I have personally sifted through hundreds (yes, hundreds) of resumes to find the best candidates for the job. In order for my clients and patients to receive excellent care I need to ensure my entire staff is stellar. My staff all has the combination of warmth and knowledge to help make your visit incredible.

We couldn’t be opening at a better time – bright, sunny summer days are ahead of us. I think of barbeques, lounging by the pool and hiking with my dogs! But we also need to remember to keep our pets protected during the warmer months. With the amount of rain we have had lately I start thinking about mosquitos – which always reminds me to ensure I gave my dogs their latest heartworm preventative on time. I have seen more and more pets screening positive for tick disease in this region so we can’t forget about protecting our pets and ourselves by using topical or by mouth flea and tick preventives as well.

Although our construction is not 100% complete we have begun scheduling appointments already! Please call the office at 980-938-8136 to schedule your appointment today. We are very excited to meet you and your furry family members.