Here at our Charlotte animal hospital, we love working with a wide variety of dogs, cats and other animals. It’s extremely rewarding for us to help keep your animals healthy as well as happy. And while our specialty is your pet’s health, we also recognize that proper training factors heavily into their well-being. We see a lot of new dog owners in our animal clinic, and we take any chance we get to provide helpful training advice and support to them. Here are some new dog training tips from West Ballantyne Animal Hospital.

Be Firm, But Gentle Your dog is a member of your family, and with the help of proper guidelines can behave appropriately in almost any situation. Enforce your guidelines and expectations by correcting the dog’s behavior consistently, but without the use of anger or force. With patience and careful adherence to your own guidelines, your dog will be capable of learning what you need him to.

Appropriate Punishment Your dog may at times knowingly disobey a command or expectation, and at those times it may be appropriate to administer some form of punishment to help them create a negative association with the undesired behavior. However, this should never be done if the dog is not fully aware of why they’re being punished. If you do this, the negative association will be made not with their behavior, but with you.

Rewarding Good Behavior Treats are integral to reinforcing desired behavior in your dog. It’s a fast, easy way to build up positive associations for obeying commands, learning new behaviors, and letting your dog know that you approve of him. Since you may be doling out a lot of them, especially at the beginning of your dog’s new life with you, just be sure to pick treats that are relatively healthy. You may also eventually be able to replace much of the treat-giving with praise and petting.

With diligent and consistent training, you will soon have a dog that’s happy and well-behaved. Count on West Ballantyne Animal Hospital of Charlotte to help keep them healthy as well. Contact us today!