As veterinarians and animal care specialists, we love our pets and recognize them as members of our families. That love leads a lot of our Charlotte customers to include their cats and dogs in any and all family activities. However, not all activities are suitable for your pets, and as their primary healthcare provider, West Ballantyne Animal Hospital strongly advises against including them in your meals. Here are some of our reasons not to feed your pets people food.

Animal-Specific Intolerance
There are certain foods that are simply not good or even harmful to cats and dogs, and you may not always be aware of what they are. Who would think that grapes, for example, would be bad for dogs’ digestive tracts? Onions and chocolate are other examples, and there are many more.

Incorrect Nutrient Balance
Dog and cat food is made with the ideal nutrition of the animal in mind. Like humans, your pet needs sugars, salt, fats, and protein, but not in the same proportions that other species require. Feeding your animal human food could lead to obesity, diabetes, and a host of other conditions that stem from improper nutrition.

Behavioral Changes
Feeding your animals human food leads to changes in their behavior. For one thing, if human food is available they may end up eating less of their own food. It can also impact their training. Dogs accustomed to being offered food from the table, for example, may beg during mealtime or when you’re entertaining guests.

Our Charlotte veterinarian encourages you to abstain from feeding your pets human food, no matter how much you want to include them in your family life. Contact us if you have questions and concerns!