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  1. What to Do for an Overly Itchy Dog

    Scratching is normal with any animal, but there is such a thing as a pet that’s itching and licking more than normal. If you’ve noticed that your pup is scratching more than usual, and you’re not sure why or what to do, the team at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital is here to help. Our team of veterinarians has seen dogs scratch for a myriad of reasons, each requiring a different type of treat…Read More

  2. Why Cats Are Such Picky Eaters

    There is a boatload of differences between cats and dogs, and this is never more apparent than when you feed them human food. It’s safe to assume that the dog will jump right in with no regard to their personal health or safety. If they could eat an entire loaf of bread in one sitting, they would. Cats, on the other hand, are much more picky, turning up their noses at almost anything that’s no…Read More

  3. Great Pet Movies to Watch

    We all love making bonds with our pets, and that’s one reason why we started up West Ballantyne Animal Hospital in the first place — pets move us, add companionship to our lives, and help us to feel happy in times of sadness. While some people know early on whether they want to have pets or not, there are also plenty of folks who feel inspired to get a dog or cat after being inspired by movies…Read More

  4. Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Kids a Pet

    Thinking about getting a pet for your kids? Read this first. Nothing is more adorable than a kitten or a puppy. They’re cute, playful, and easy to love. Therefore, it often seems like the perfect idea to gift kittens, bunnies, and puppies to our children. However, people tend to forget that with pets come enormous responsibility. Oftentimes, these innocent pets are taken back to the shelter or a…Read More

  5. Choosing the Right Cat Litter

    You’ve gone to the shelter and you’ve chosen the perfect cat for you - congratulations! Before you bring your new cat home, you need to make sure you have all the essentials. This includes food, toys, a scratching post, a litter box, and cat litter. However, once you walk into the pet store and make your way over to the litter section, you might realize that there are many more options than yo…Read More

  6. Common Household Plants that Can Harm Your Pets

    We hear all the time about the wonderful effect that houseplants can have on our energy and mood. While this is great news, it’s also important to note that over 700 different plans have toxins that are poisonous to cats and dogs. Some plants will only cause an upset stomach, but others can be fatal if your furry friend gets ahold of them. If your pet has ingested one of the following plants, be…Read More

  7. Pet-Proofing Your House

    Nobody wants to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian. We would much rather see your dog, cat, or small animal for preventative care or a regular dental appointment than for something traumatic. However, with a little bit of preparation at home, you can do a lot to prevent future problems for you and your pet. Here are a few tips from the Greater Charlotte area’s trusted animal hospital. El…Read More

  8. Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

    At West Ballantyne Animal Hospital, we provide pet care for a wide range of ailments that your animals may be facing. One common problem we see is dogs with ear infections. This is especially the case for dogs whose ear channels are very narrow and deep. As with humans, ear infections in dogs can be treated if necessary, but should be avoided when possible. Here’s what you can do at home to help…Read More

  9. Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

    Pets get lost sometimes, it happens. But your pets meandering doesn’t have to be a tragic story. Collars and ID tags help, but many pets managet to find their way out of their identification. Collars fall off or break when they are caught on other objects, cats can be grabbed by their collars when they get into catfights. The best way to keep track of your pet and ensure a speedy recovery is th…Read More