At West Ballantyne Animal Hospital, we provide compassionate pet care for cats of all ages. Whether your furry friend needs its cat vaccines or you just brought home a new kitten and are looking for a spay and neuter clinic, our local veterinarian is the one to call. Dr. Linfante has been treating cats and other animals for more than a decade, making him one of the best vets in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to book an appointment at our vet clinic, and be sure to check out our blog posts below to learn more about cat care, kitten vaccinations, and more.

  1. How to Prepare Your Cat for the Vet Clinic

    Anyone who has had to take their cat to the vet knows just how stressful it can be for our feline friends. Cats, as opposed to dogs, generally loathe leaving their places of comfort, and their stress is exacerbated by the special “attention” they get from the vet. It’s important to know how to make vet trips less stressful for your pets! In this blog series, we’ll provide tips on how to do…Read More

  2. How to Keep Your Cats Cool in the Summer

    While we often feel gross when we’re sweaty, it’s much more of a blessing than a lot of people realize. Humans’ ability to sweat is a massive boon to our survivability in hot environments, as it allows the body to naturally cool itself while we keep moving. Unfortunately, animals aren’t so lucky, and when it comes to the hot summer, your pets require other methods to keep them cool. In a s…Read More

  3. How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick Or in Pain

    If you didn’t already know, cats have one of the best poker faces out of any animal. While it’s generally easy to tell what emotions are running through a dog’s head, cats are frustratingly more difficult to decipher. In fact, a cat can be in total pain or be seriously sick, and if you’re not paying close attention, you might be none the wiser. That’s why it’s important to look out for…Read More

  4. Indoor Cats and Vaccines: What You Need to Know

    At West Ballantyne animal hospital, we love animals with all our hearts and we encourage every pet owner to go through every possible measure to keep their cats and dogs as happy and healthy as possible. However, there are a lot of kitty owners who wonder if cat vaccination is appropriate when their pet spends all their time indoors. We know the ins and outs of cat vaccination here at West Ballant…Read More

  5. What Your Cat’s Body Language is Telling You

    We at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital know that understanding cats may be difficult, even to cat owners. For example, one moment, your cat may be peacefully sleeping on your lap, but they may suddenly pop up and sprint towards the window to watch a bird outside. However, we know that understanding your cat’s behavior is actually as simple as watching their body language and knowing what it means…Read More

  6. Help! My Cat Claws my Furniture!

    Hello there, and welcome back to West Ballantyne Animal Hospital’s blog! Today we would like to discuss your cat’s scratching behavior and why they might be doing it. When it comes to stopping your cat from bad behavior, it’s important to remember that knowledge is power. The more you know about cats and their actions, the more likely it is that you will be able to change their behavior. Why…Read More

  7. Keep your Christmas Tree Cat Friendly

    We’re sure you’ve seen the memes: a wide-eyed cat surrounded by shimmering lights, glistening ornaments, and glittering tinsel or ribbon. The meme-cat has a manic, crazed look in its eyes that tells you how swiftly the holiday ephemera will be obliterated. Unfortunately, memes like this have gained popularity for good reason. Cats are notoriously attracted to the shiny sparkly accoutrements of…Read More

  8. How to Care for a New Kitten

    Congratulations on your new kitten! Kittens are extremely fun, but they do take a lot of hard work. Be sure you follow these steps to ensure you give your kitten the best start possible: Take It to West Ballantyne Animal Hospital Your kitten will likely need immediate veterinarian care just to ensure that it is healthy and happy. We can check for any birth defects, parasites, and feline leukemia. …Read More

  9. How to Handle Aggression in Cats

    If you have a new cat, congratulations! West Ballantyne Animal Hospital of Charlotte will be happy to help with any vaccinations or procedures your new pet may need. Some unlucky cat parents find themselves on the receiving end of bites and scratches for no apparent reason. So what causes this aggression in cats? Is there any way to eliminate the attitude? Here are some helpful tips for eliminati…Read More

  10. What Your Cat’s Hairballs are Telling You

    Hairballs, while quite unpleasant, can be fairly common in cats. As cats grow, they learn how to more effectively groom themselves. While this is great for their overall cleanliness, they can also begin producing hairballs. What Causes Hairballs? Cats have little hook-like structures on their tongues. These “hooks” catch the loose fur as cats groom. Unfortunately, they tend to swallow the fur …Read More