At West Ballantyne Animal Hospital, we provide compassionate pet care for cats of all ages. Whether your furry friend needs its cat vaccines or you just brought home a new kitten and are looking for a spay and neuter clinic, our local veterinarian is the one to call. Dr. Linfante has been treating cats and other animals for more than a decade, making him one of the best vets in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to book an appointment at our vet clinic, and be sure to check out our blog posts below to learn more about cat care, kitten vaccinations, and more.

  1. Correcting Your Cat’s Ingrown Lashes

    As in humans, sometimes surgery is needed to correct issues in our pets. The difference is, our animals can’t talk to their vet to help them understand the symptoms they’re experiencing. Instead, they rely on their owners to observe their behavior and warning signs. If you’ve noticed that one of your cat’s eyes is swollen, irritated, and weeping fluid, it would be a good idea to contact ou…Read More

  2. The Best Charlotte Cat Care Happens Before There is a Problem

    One of the most important things you can do to ensure a long and healthy life for your cat is to bring them into our office for a comprehensive annual exam. This is a vital step in Charlotte cat care because it helps our vets find small issues before they become major health problems for your cat. Cats are notorious for hiding the fact they don't feel well--this is a survival mechanism they develo…Read More

  3. Catnips Effect On Cats

    As a member of the mint family, catnip is a fairly common plant sold at big box stores and many small nurseries. The essential oil nepetalactone, found in catnip, can have powerful effects on a cat, turning them into an unrecognizable feline. The effects are different depending on your cat and some cats do not feel any effects. So, what can happen if you give your feline friend catnip? When a cat …Read More