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  1. Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

    Summer is a favorite season for many. The warm weather and endless opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors make it easy to enjoy time with your furry friend. That being said, there are some things that you should be prepared for as you spend time outdoors this summer. In today’s blog, the team at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital want to talk to you about a few summer safety tips tha…Read More

  2. What Happens if You Don’t Spay and Neuter

    For many pet owners, it’s second nature to spay and neuter a newly adopted dog or cat. For all intents and purposes, spay and neuter surgeries are almost synonymous with adoptions in general, but despite that, there are many owners who might be reluctant to pursue these operations which alter the pets from being the way that nature intended. If the prospect of spaying or neutering a cat or dog s…Read More

  3. Common Habits You Should Avoid If You’re a Cat Owner

    Cats are often an attractive choice for aspiring pet owners because of the moniker they’ve earned as being the “easy” pet. Dogs, admittedly, require so much time and attention that some owners compare them to small children. Even if that’s an exaggeration, it does hold true that cats, compared to dogs, are relatively easier to maintain as pets. The problem is that some people take that sen…Read More

  4. Taking A Hike With Your Pet

    Whether they are healthy, sick, happy, or hurting, we always have the best intentions for your pets. We treat them in our animal hospital so that they can live an enjoyable, happy life at home and wherever you go with them. Dogs, cats, and even goats can be terrific hiking companions, provided that some basic needs are covered. Here are some tips from your Charlotte veterinarian for hiking with yo…Read More

  5. Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Pet People Food

    As veterinarians and animal care specialists, we love our pets and recognize them as members of our families. That love leads a lot of our Charlotte customers to include their cats and dogs in any and all family activities. However, not all activities are suitable for your pets, and as their primary healthcare provider, West Ballantyne Animal Hospital strongly advises against including them in you…Read More

  6. Training Tips For Your New Dog

    Here at our Charlotte animal hospital, we love working with a wide variety of dogs, cats and other animals. It’s extremely rewarding for us to help keep your animals healthy as well as happy. And while our specialty is your pet’s health, we also recognize that proper training factors heavily into their well-being. We see a lot of new dog owners in our animal clinic, and we take any chance we g…Read More