1. Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

    Pets get lost sometimes, it happens. But your pets meandering doesn’t have to be a tragic story. Collars and ID tags help, but many pets managet to find their way out of their identification. Collars fall off or break when they are caught on other objects, cats can be grabbed by their collars when they get into catfights. The best way to keep track of your pet and ensure a speedy recovery is th…Read More

  2. Catnips Effect On Cats

    As a member of the mint family, catnip is a fairly common plant sold at big box stores and many small nurseries. The essential oil nepetalactone, found in catnip, can have powerful effects on a cat, turning them into an unrecognizable feline. The effects are different depending on your cat and some cats do not feel any effects. So, what can happen if you give your feline friend catnip? When a cat …Read More

  3. Happy Holidays From West Ballantyne Animal Hospital!

    We have a few tips for you to keep your dog and cat healthy during this holiday season:  Plants and Holiday Decorations Decorative plants are a source of danger.   Mistletoe and holly can cause vomiting and lilies are often deadly to cats.   Poinsettias, despite their reputation, are not deadly and often cause little more than mild stomach upset. Ribbons and tinsel are especially attractive …Read More

  4. Summer Safety Tips

    Summer is finally here! From pool parties and backyard barbecues to camping trips and exploring new trails, it’s a great time for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors–and that includes our furry family members! As we begin to prepare for the hotter months with sunscreen and bug spray, there are a number of ways to make sure our pets stay safe this summer. Keep it cool! Avoid walks during the…Read More

  5. Crackle, Phizz, Pop – the fireworks need to STOP!

    We are now officially open and everyone at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital has been so excited to meet everyone coming to visit us. We have met some wonderful patients and clients so far. As a reminder although we are closed this Friday for the holiday we will be open this Saturday July 5th for any after holiday help you may need! The fourth of July is nearly here and there are firework displays …Read More

  6. It’s been a long time coming but we are almost to the finish line!

    Construction of West Ballantyne Animal Hospital will shortly come to a close. The main construction is finished and we are putting the finishing touches on all the details.  The interior designers have helped coordinate the colors and textures to make this one amazing hospital and I can’t wait for everyone to see it! We will begin seeing patients on Thursday June 26, 2014. Our next step is load…Read More