The Value of Feline Preventative Care Exams

Once your cat gets here we do our best to relax your feline friend
We do our best to seat you in an exam room as soon as your arrive so your feline friend doesn’t have to be bothered by any dogs. We have 1 room specifically for cats. We do not allow any other dogs in this room. Less dog smell means happy kitty. We also use pheromone diffusers in our feline room. Pheromones are great for relieving stress and anxiety. We handle our feline patients very gently, and go slow minimize stress

feline-preventActive preventive care will help your cat stay healthy for a long lifetime of family fun. Preventive care plays a vital role in prevention and early illness detection. Establishing a baseline of health early on allows us to measure changes in your cat over time, enabling us to detect the onset of diseases sooner when treatments are most effective. This is extremely important in cats – they are definitely not small dogs! Cats are majestic creatures that don’t let anyone know they are sick until they are very sick. They are exceptionally good at hiding illness from their owners.

Our comprehensive Preventive Care Exam for cats includes:

  • Physical Exams: Our feline exams include a thorough physical examination that includes an evaluation of your cat’s coat, skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, thyroid gland and internal organ systems. At our hospital, your cat will also receive an individualized vaccination plan that caters to his or her needs based on factors including breed, physical condition, and lifestyle.
  • Cat Vaccinations: One of the many differences that set West Ballantyne Animal Hospital apart from other veterinary hospitals is our choice of feline vaccines. This is something that EVERY cat owner should be aware of because not all vaccines are created equal. Please check out our feline vaccination page to learn more about our specialized feline vaccine program!We recommend adjuvant free vaccines for cats including Rabies, FVRCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia) and Leukemia – all depending on age, previous vaccine history and risk of exposure. We will be happy to determine a vaccine plan specifically for your individual kitty!
  • Dental Exams: During the exam, we will perform a thorough oral examination and dental cleaning for your cat. For more information about the dental care provided by our veterinarian, please visit our dental care page.
  • Parasite Prevention & Control: Our veterinarian will conduct a fecal exam each year to check for the presence of harmful intestinal parasites. We recommend bringing a fresh stool sample to your pets Preventative Care Exam. Intestinal parasites are spread between dogs and cats – and some can even be spread to people as well! In addition to treating and preventing internal parasites – we have everything you need to prevent those pesky critters that attach to your dog’s skin like fleas and ticks too.
  • Nutrition & Weight Management for Your Cat: Cultivating a balanced diet and nutrition plan is also an important part of preventive care for your cat. During the exam, we will monitor your cat’s weight so we can recommend any necessary modifications in their diet or exercise. Learn more about our nutritional counseling services.

Your cat’s Preventative Care Exam at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital is also the perfect opportunity to speak with our veterinarian about any concerns you may have about your cat’s health. We will discuss topics such as vaccines, dental care, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle or age related changes. Visit our kitten care and senior pet care pages to learn more about preventive care for your cat at every stage of life.