A less stressful visit to the vet starts at home.

  • Make the carrier a familiar place at home by leaving it in a room where your cat spends a lot of time.
  • Place familiar soft bedding inside the carrier. Bedding or clothing with your scent can make them feel more secure.
  • Place treats, catnip or toys inside the carrier to encourage the cat to enter at home. Often, you will first see that treats are removed from the carrier during the night.
  • It may take days or weeks before your cat starts to trust the carrier. Remain calm, patient and reward desired behaviors.

Choosing the right  carrier

The best carriers are inexpensive hard- sided carriers that open from the top and the front, and can also be taken apart in the middle. An easily removable top allows a cat which is fearful, anxious or in pain to stay in the bottom half of the carrier for exams. Your veterinarian can often do the exam in the bottom of a well-designed carrier. Avoid carriers that require a cat to be pulled from or dumped out for an exam.

Once your cat gets here we do our best to relax your feline friend
We do our best to seat you in an exam room as soon as your arrive so your feline friend doesn’t have to be bothered by any dogs.

We have 1 room specifically for cats. We do not allow any other dogs in this room. Less dog smell means happy kitty.

We also use pheromone diffusers in our feline room. Pheromones are great for relieving stress and anxiety

We handle our feline patients very gently, and go slow minimize stress

We will develop a specific treatment plan based on your cat’s age, eating habits, living arrangements and exposures! Click here to learn more about the specific, advanced feline vaccines we carry!