1. How to Keep Your Cats Cool in the Summer

    While we often feel gross when we’re sweaty, it’s much more of a blessing than a lot of people realize. Humans’ ability to sweat is a massive boon to our survivability in hot environments, as it allows the body to naturally cool itself while we keep moving. Unfortunately, animals aren’t so lucky, and when it comes to the hot summer, your pets require other methods to keep them cool. In a s…Read More

  2. Pet-Proofing Your House

    Nobody wants to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian. We would much rather see your dog, cat, or small animal for preventative care or a regular dental appointment than for something traumatic. However, with a little bit of preparation at home, you can do a lot to prevent future problems for you and your pet. Here are a few tips from the Greater Charlotte area’s trusted animal hospital. El…Read More

  3. Taking A Hike With Your Pet

    Whether they are healthy, sick, happy, or hurting, we always have the best intentions for your pets. We treat them in our animal hospital so that they can live an enjoyable, happy life at home and wherever you go with them. Dogs, cats, and even goats can be terrific hiking companions, provided that some basic needs are covered. Here are some tips from your Charlotte veterinarian for hiking with yo…Read More

  4. Correcting Your Cat’s Ingrown Lashes

    As in humans, sometimes surgery is needed to correct issues in our pets. The difference is, our animals can’t talk to their vet to help them understand the symptoms they’re experiencing. Instead, they rely on their owners to observe their behavior and warning signs. If you’ve noticed that one of your cat’s eyes is swollen, irritated, and weeping fluid, it would be a good idea to contact ou…Read More