1. Don’t Be Fooled By These Dog Myths

    As professional veterinarians at West Ballantyne Animal Hospital, you can bet that we’ve dealt with more dogs in our years of being operational than we can even count. We love every single dog that we treat, but tragically, sometimes dogs end up coming in because of myths and falsehoods that are believed by their owners. With dog ownership being such a common thing in this country, it’s unders…Read More

  2. Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog – Part 3

    In our previous few blogs, we’ve covered some of the most toxic foods to dogs. Some will just irritate your pup's stomach, but others can leave them with kidney diseases, digestive disorders, and possibly even death. Today, we are covering more of the top foods you should never feed to your dog in order to keep them safe. Should your dog accidentally consume one of the items on this list, please…Read More

  3. Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog – Part 2

    In one of our previous posts, we mentioned some of the top foods that your dog should never eat: xylitol, avocado, alcohol, onions and garlic, and caffeine. If your dog has consumed any of these, please call us immediately for assistance! Unfortunately, that isn’t the full list of foods that can harm your dog and lead to medical problems almost immediately. Read on to learn more about what foods…Read More

  4. Pet-Proofing Your House

    Nobody wants to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian. We would much rather see your dog, cat, or small animal for preventative care or a regular dental appointment than for something traumatic. However, with a little bit of preparation at home, you can do a lot to prevent future problems for you and your pet. Here are a few tips from the Greater Charlotte area’s trusted animal hospital. El…Read More

  5. Taking A Hike With Your Pet

    Whether they are healthy, sick, happy, or hurting, we always have the best intentions for your pets. We treat them in our animal hospital so that they can live an enjoyable, happy life at home and wherever you go with them. Dogs, cats, and even goats can be terrific hiking companions, provided that some basic needs are covered. Here are some tips from your Charlotte veterinarian for hiking with yo…Read More

  6. Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

    At West Ballantyne Animal Hospital, we provide pet care for a wide range of ailments that your animals may be facing. One common problem we see is dogs with ear infections. This is especially the case for dogs whose ear channels are very narrow and deep. As with humans, ear infections in dogs can be treated if necessary, but should be avoided when possible. Here’s what you can do at home to help…Read More